Down the Rabbit Hole

As a medium – I never truly and completely ‘switch off’ connecting with spirit or people’s energies. I can shut it down for a while, but I can never have a holiday from it (not that I’d want to – it’s far too much fun!).

I went to the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia this year on my summer holidays. We stayed high in the mountains overlooking the sea in an undeveloped part of the island. We swam, ate far too much food, sauntered along the beach looking for pretty shells, fed the sea turtles, sat in pavement cafes and mooched around the shops.

I love to treat myself (who doesn’t?) on each holiday and bring myself back a souvenir. The seashells on the beach weren’t the most inspiring, so I had to head to the shops in search of something shiny.


I felt drawn into a side street and so, as I always do, I followed my instincts (I believe that instincts are spirits leading us). I found a tiny little shop, crammed to the ceiling with the most wonderful, beautiful treasures suited perfectly to a weirdo like me.

Anyone who collects crystals will know the ‘pull’ that you get when you’re near them. You will know that urge you get to buy more (even though you’re knee deep in them at home). You’ll know the little argument you have in your head…

‘I need a new crystal’

‘No you don’t you have a million’

‘But I need THIS one’

‘No you really really don’t’

‘Yes I really really do and it’s so pretty’

… and so on…  It’s the same argument you have with yourself every single time.


This heavenly little shop is owned by a lovely soul who creates the pieces of jewellery herself. You can certainly feel that they’re filled with love and positivity. So I (eventually) chose a fantastic necklace with Labradorite crystals in. All packaged up in a pretty little envelope and bow, I left the shop. However, this lady stayed in my mind. Her energy stood out over and above others. Back in town a couple of days later and I headed in again and bought another beautiful necklace with wings and birds on. We chatted (about unicorns, bats and weirdness) and again, she stayed in my mind. As much as I don’t like to invade people, I do like to give thanks where they’re due so I dropped her a message to say thank you for being there, for making my weirdness feel normal and for creating beauty to share. I’m glad we connected. I feel it was for several reasons. One of those reasons, I believe, was to remind people to use their manners.


Often you  will feel as though you need to thank people and if you need to, then please do. You know yourself how a little love uplifts you and boosts you. I feel like your mother now – but manners cost nothing and a little love goes a long, long way.  (Also, whilst I’m being motherly, make sure you wear a clean pair of pants when you go out, don’t sit on cold floors and if the wind changes, you’ll stay like that!)

So – thank you for reading this. I really do appreciate it. I love to see the numbers of views going up and up. Why do I blog? I hope that, in sharing my thoughts, it inspires others to enjoy their lives a little more, to share their weirdness and to allow weirdness to feel normal.  Drop me a message – let me know who you thanked today, and why.  I love to hear from people.

And if you’re ever in Argostoli, Kefalonia (or indeed on Facebook ) – please pop in to ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and tell the lovely owner I said hi.


Oh – and you DO need that extra crystal. Always!




7 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I know what you mean. I love Kefalonia and whilst walking around Argostoli I was also drawn to Karen Fozzard’s beautiful shop ,Down the Rabbit Hole. The shop is an absolute delight and so is Karen. I am looking forward to going back next year.


  2. I love Greece….my sister has a place in a lovely little village called Carousades about an hour from Corfu town. The Greek people are warm and welcoming, I love the way the men gather in the squares or the Cafė Neons and just mill away the time over coffee and chippero. Women who look like they are a 100 still working the ‘ gardens ‘ Planting crops and gathering them. You can never gave too many crystals, always room for one more , especially labradorite, love the way it changes colour in the light. Thoughts of Greece bring fond memories, so thank you for sharing. Post a pic of your ‘treasures’ if you can. I’d love to see them .

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  3. What a lovely post! Down the rabbit is a wonderful shop full of treasures x I’m lucky to count Karen as one of my friends and stayed with her at Rabbit HQ in May, an amazing time. Turtles raft’s & laughs! Definitely the hostess with the mostess. If you’re ever in Hebden Bridge check out the V&A collective Karen’s Work is available there too x


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