Cheese balls…

As a medium, and a teacher of several circles, one thing I love about sharing my experiences and guiding others is the learning that I do myself.

I love the saying ‘we are all teachers, we are all students’ because it’s so very true.

I particularly love to hear other people’s opinions and descriptions.


For example – at some of the circles I lead, I do a guided meditation on energy (blending, changing, moving, sharing). Part of those meditations is to examine our own energy – what colour it is, what does it look like, what is the texture, what does it feel like, etc.

I have heard many different descriptions of energy. Everyone’s is usually swirling and in a similar position around their bodies, but the colours and textures are so very different. I’ve heard of tennis ball fluff, paint colours mixing, a brain like substance, plasma ball streams, silk ribbons and many other textures.


Mine? Well, the texture of my energy is like stringy cheese. Not melted, but plastic like – similar to the kid’s cheese strings in really, really thin strands. It usually moves as though in a slow, tantric dance and changes colour depending on my state.


So basically, I’m a weird cheese ball (and proud).


In the complete pitch black and if I am in the right state, I can watch and manipulate my own energy as if I were holding it in my hands.


Many people read energies without realising. Energy never lies and it will tell you things about other people by a feeling or a sensing. There will always be people you gravitate towards just as there will always be people you avoid – even if you don’t know them. Energy attracts energy and if your instinct is telling you that you don’t want to be near a person, then you’d often be wise to trust it. You would probably walk away in a grumpy mood or unhappy (ever heard of an energy vampire?). Likewise – the opposite can happen. You can walk away from a conversation with someone, even strangers, feeling uplifted and positive.

I often like to share my stringy cheese too. If someone is feeling particularly down or in need, I may go and sit next to them just to share some healing energy. During a hug there’s an energy exchange too. You can often feel how the other person is through their hug.


(Stands up) My name is Sara and I’m a hugger.


I hug to say hi. I hug to say bye. I hug to say I’m here for you. I hug to say congratulations. I hug to say thank you. I hug to gauge someone else’s energy. In a crowded room, I will hug everyone, and then (and only then) will I sit down – having chosen where I want to sit and how everyone’s energy is.  Some people I know will be now reading this and probably wondering why I don’t sit near them. It’s not always because people have a negative energy – it’s just that I like a good balance. I don’t mix my cheeses!


If you want to experience your own energy, then one way is to sit in a darkened, quiet, comfortable space. A space where you won’t be disturbed. Relax and sit quietly for a while with your eyes closed. Then feel your body working and living one area by one – breathing, heart beating, blood flowing, organs working, muscles moving – slowly gather all of the feelings of this life, all of the miraculous workings of being a human soul into a ball inside you. Then look at that ball. Examine it. Feel it. What texture is it? What colour? Is it moving? Does it move fast or slow? Enjoy the feeling and the learning. If you don’t like the sensation, simply stop and open up your eyes. We all have energy. We can all feel it. With practice you can learn to see it, then share it, then manipulate it. Let me know what your feels like….


In the meantime, I’m off to play stringy cheese!


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