Latte and spirit to go please…

As a coffee lover, I often go sit in coffee shops, sip on my skinny one-shot, extra hot latte and people watch.  For me – it’s not just about a decent cup of coffee, it’s also about watching the world go by, catching up with a friend, people watching, being nosey and listening in on other’s conversations. It’s also about being extra nosey and seeing if there are any spirit souls around the coffee drinking customers.


I would never approach someone to tell them if they had. Even if that spirit had a message they insisted I pass on. I think that’s very rude and on a par with knocking on peoples own personal front doors, uninvited, to enforce your beliefs and opinions.

I would gently tell that spirit thank you for connecting but that isn’t the way I work. If the spirit soul really wanted to get a message to someone, they should do it in a different way.

When I received my very first message from spirit in my teenage years, I was told that we don’t choose to go to get a reading. I was told that we are guided or led to go and get a reading by spirit and I stand by that. If there is a message you are supposed to get, you will get it. One way or another.

Likewise, I always tell people that if they have come for a reading, expecting it to be from a certain soul, about a certain topic, then that probably won’t happen. We get the messages we NEED, not the messages we WANT.


Whilst sipping my latte and connecting, I often ‘drift off’ or ‘zone out’ (this is when I connect on a deeper level and am having a good old chin wag with my invisible friends).

As lovely as that is, it can work the opposite way. Sometimes, for as many people there are in the coffee shop, there are as many spirit souls. That’s when the coffee shop gets really really busy!


And so comes the question – how do I switch it off?


For me – it’s as simple as intent, a thought, a blink. Like you choosing to not answer your front door or silencing your phone when it rings. I’ve learnt (over time) to ignore. It’s like ‘selective hearing’ – you know the one – where you shout for someone to come help you in the kitchen and everyone turns deaf suddenly. That.


Occasionally there is a person I see sat in the coffee shop that I struggle to ignore. I recognise that person’s energy as being tuned in, able to connect with spirit (whether they know it or not). Sometimes, they are a beacon and their energy draws me in. I want to talk to them. I want to know if they realise they are able to connect. I want to sit and chat to them and the souls that magnetise to them. But I don’t. Could you imagine some weirdo coming up to you whilst you’re having your morning cuppa and talking to you about ghosties and stuff?! And that’s where I restrain my inner weirdness and tuck it in my pocket. Then when I’m back in the company of my weird friends, I unleash my weirdness beastie and enjoy it. I talk about as many weird things as you can think of and more.

Every once in a while, unleash your beast of weirdness and enjoy (just not in the middle of a coffee shop)..


4 thoughts on “Latte and spirit to go please…

  1. Have you ever considered they may have been waiting a long time for a message? What’s the worse that can happen ? Apart from thinking you’re barking. If you came up to
    Me and said Jimmy or Ada or whoever wants to pass a message on I’d buy you cake & coffee. Is it right that you decide ?

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    1. As I am the channel, I believe it absolutely my right to decide. I see it as no different to knocking on someone’s door to give them my opinion (which I think is wrong). Whilst you may buy me a cake and coffee (and I’d love that), someone else may not be as pleased to have me (and a friend) join them. They may not be of a spiritual persuasion. I do believe that if a message is meant to get through, it will. Therefore, if I decide not to force a message upon them at that time, they will receive it in another way, another time. I also believe if they have been waiting some time for a message, they may well have (or should have) visited their local spiritualist church or centre 🙂 Feel free to buy me coffee and cake anytime (I love both!!). xx


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