Make yourself happy…

Most days I sit in the power. (I sit on a chair in my quiet little sanctuary and have conversations with my guides and loved ones in the spirit world).

Most times I listen to what they want to tell me. Sometimes I don’t. (Well I am human after all). Peace is so very important to enable you to connect, to enable you to relax and to allow you to listen to what spirit has to say.


I always listen to spirit – I just wish that sometimes they’d say ‘have some more cake and chocolate’, however, lately, they have been instructing me to spend more time in observation mode. Watching more. Listening more. Taking note more.


I spend a lot of my spare time teaching circles and classes as well as delivering messages. I do ‘normal’ stuff too – like a night class in calligraphy, walking across beautiful places with my gang or jumping off the scales crying in my slimming club, but I do lost of spiritual stuff too. Anyway – if I’m supposed to spend more time observing spirit, something had to give. So – it was the teaching. I’ve now cut down my teaching to ‘just now and again’ and have started my new little journey of ‘observing’.

What is observing? Quite literally, watching. Watching the spirit world more closely, watching other mediums, learning more, watching other teachers and students, taking notes then dissecting and acting on them. This journey (so I’m told) will make me a better person, a better medium and enable me to start enjoying my spirituality even more. Whilst I’m teaching, I can’t ‘play’ as much. So I’ll also be spending more time playing – on paranormal investigations (ghost hunts), giving readings for friends and experimenting with all new weird and wonderful stuff. I get to go play at my ‘bucket list’ ghost hunt too, Warwick Castle, in a few months.

I’m very excited for my new role in the spirit world. I’ve even bought a new pencil case and satchel especially (insert cheesy grin here).


You’ll often hear spiritual people or mediums say that they’re going through a change. We don’t go through more changes than non spiritual people – we just choose to acknowledge that we are, tell everyone who’ll listen and do something about it.

If something isn’t making you as happy as it used to – ask yourself why and either fix it or find something else to make you happy. It’s simple really. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

One of the new things I’ve tried (and absolutely love) is a sound bath. What’s a sound bath? A bath in sound. No – I don’t get naked and sit in the tub (especially not in this weather!) I take a mat, a blanket and a pillow and lay down for an hour whilst someone plays gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles, drums, bells and sings all around me. Sometimes quiet, sometimes VERY LOUD. And I absolutely love it. It’s time just for me to relax and let go, to feel the sound vibrations in each and every cell in my body and to receive healing in complete and utterly relaxation.


So – the moral of the story is, if you feel like a change – do it. Happiness is something you create for yourself.  If something isn’t making you as happy as it used to – do something about it. If you fancy trying something new – absolutely do it. Go through your own changes. Listen to the teachings of your journey and enjoy yourself. Have fun. Have a sound bath, colour in a picture, change your shower gel, go vegetarian for a week, sit in the quiet – whatever your thing is – do it.


So – go make yourself happy and have fun ‘doing it’! Let me know how you get on…


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