Sorry? What did you say?


Welcome to all new readers and a big hug to my regular readers. To save you time reading all the blogs, I’ve created a quick overview of many of the questions I’ve covered in all of the posts so far. Feel free to catch up here, or go back and read to your hearts content.

(Here are only my very quick answers – not all the actual anecdotes, silly stories, tremendous tales, words of wisdom and funny phrases).


What’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

None – both can walk through walls

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic communicates with living souls and the medium connects with souls of those who have passed

What’s an empath?

Someone who feels what others feel as though it’s their own feeling

Do all mediums like graveyards and skulls?

No. Do all window cleaners like greenhouses?

Can you connect with spirits anywhere?

Yes. My house, a spiritualist church, my car, Asda, etc.

Do I have anyone with me right now?

Most probably …… (you’re trying to see/feel them now aren’t you?)

Do spirit come and chat to you all the time?

If I let them, yes. Sometimes I like to sleep though.

How do you stop spirit chatting to you?

Ignorance is bliss – it’s just like silencing your phone J

Are spiritualist churches all dark with candles and tarot stuff?

Nope. There are always lights on, usually always tea and biscuits and the obligatory lavender pomander in the raffle.

Shall I Google ‘how to become a medium’?

Googling is dangerous kids – don’t do it! Go to a spiritualist church, preferably one with the lights on. I hope you win the raffle.

Do ghosts come and watch us whilst we’re on the toilet?

Is that seriously your burning question about the afterlife and spirituality?

Are Ouija boards dangerous?

Only if someone hits you over the head with it (although many would disagree).

Will God be angry with you because you talk to spirits?

Isn’t God a spirit?

Are all mediums witches?

No and not all witches are mediums.

Are you a tree hugger?

Do I enjoy the energy of a tree? Yes. Do I need to hug it?   No.

I can see and hear stuff – what shall I do with it?

Go to your local spiritualist church. Don’t forget to have a go on the raffle.

Do I have a negative entity attached to me?

Your negative thoughts are the only negative entity attached to you. Smile more.

What’s the difference between an open and a closed circle?

Open – everyone is welcome. Closed – you need to be invited in. The tea and biscuits are usually the same.

Do spirits age in the spirit world?

Time is not a concept (without getting all Dr Who on you).

Will I recognise a loved one when I go to the spirit world?

Returning to the spirit world is returning home. You will recognise all loved ones and they you.

Do crystals have magical powers?

If you believe in magic, yes. If you don’t, then nothing will have magical powers.

Can you tell me next week’s lottery numbers?

Can you ask a better question?

Can you see my future? What happens?

Whatever YOU make happen will happen, and a little more besides.

Do you know when you’re going to die?

Roughly, yes. Unless anything drastic happens before then.

Do animals go to the same place as humans?

Absolutely. A soul is a soul.

Do we all have guardian angels?

Yes. Often many.  Not everyone chooses to listen to theirs unfortunately.

Do spirits come to their own funerals?

Some, yes, but not all

Does sage work?

If your intention is for it to work, then yes.

Are you affected by the moon?

The moon. The weather. Colours.  Sugar. People around me. All of the above.

What do ghosts look like?

Not like a wafting sheet with big eyes and chains.

Do you get drained after doing readings?

Nope. The opposite. I get energised. A bit like the Duracell bunny….now excuse me, I need to go play my drum.


I hope this has given you a little pit stop tour of some of my blogs – feel free to read more. I like to watch the numbers go up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sorry? What did you say?

  1. As always, enlightening information with subtle undertones of humour. So many people have misconceptions of the after life or as I refer to it ‘non physical ecustence’ I’m not a medium nor a psychic but I do know if you listen to your inner voice or go with your instinct it is usually a message from a loved one or an angel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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