Bunny ears…



Do you ever use a filter on a photograph?  Touch it up with Photoshop or similar?  Pop some bunny ears on for a selfie?

We all do it to some extent.  Sugar coat things.  And mediumship is no different.


When I first started out my journey of discovery into the world of the unknown, I looked at mediums as magical creatures, able to do the most wonderous things.  I was in awe at how it all worked.  I knew nothing about what to do or how to do it.  I thought that little old me couldn’t possibly become as magical as they.

How wrong I was and how I now want to spread the word that mediumship and spirit connection is neither scary nor wonderous.  Yes – it’s magical, but it’s certainly not to be feared nor placed on a pedestal as ‘better than others’ (part of the reason for my blogs).

You probably walk past at least 3/4 mediums each time you pop to the supermarket. We’re not all famous, on stage or in churches all over the UK.  There are many mediums that don’t ‘work’ in the field.  Many who just enjoy their connection without turning it into a job.

When giving a reading, we don’t get to choose who comes through; neither do we have any bearing on what the visitor chooses to say.  They will come through and give exactly what’s needed (not wanted – there’s a huge difference) and if they were a very vocal person on earth, they’ll be no difference in spirit.  Some spirits come through with colourful language.  It’s a mediums job to portray that person and their energy without repeating word for word – so we filter.  We touch it up with vibrational Photoshop.  We stick some bunny ears on it.


For example…

Auntie Nora comes through – “Tell her she’s making damn stupid f***ing decisions. Tell her that her new boyfriend is a t**t”.”

Me – I have your Auntie Nora here, who wasn’t afraid to share her opinions and loved to tell you exactly what she thinks in her own special language. She would have probably made different decisions to you and, to be fair, she’s not a great lover of your new boyfriend”


No swear words and no lies. Just a dash of magic and some bunny ears.

There are many spiritual people who love to sugar coat too many things. I’ve heard too many stories that are so coated in so much sugar they make me choke…


Tarot cards

  • There’s a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to read them (no way is ‘wrong’)
  • You can’t let anyone else touch your tarot deck (only if you’re MC Hammer)
  • You can’t buy your own tarot deck (you can, just go to the shop, it’s simple)


  • Not everyone can do it (they can)
  • You have to learn for 30 years before you can step on platform (no you don’t)
  • It can let all sorts of bad spirits in (nope – a good circle will teach you)


  • You can only give healing if you’re trained (simple healing thoughts are healing)
  • There is only a certain way to hold your hands during healing (nope)
  • It’s dangerous to offer healing if you’re untrained (only if you do it with a huge crystal and drop it on someone’s foot)

Ouija boards

  • They’re evil (they’re a piece of wood with acrylic paint on)
  • They let bad spirits in (wood & acrylic paint can’t do that)
  • They’ll hurt you (only if you drop them on your foot)


NB – I know Ouija boards have a bad reputation. I know some people fear them and won’t touch them. However, I know that using an Ouija board in the same manner as a medium connects for a message (calmly, sensibly and with good intentions) can bring lovely results. I also know that using a handmade Ouija as a teenager with friends for fun, giggles and general nosiness will usually always result in a scary ghost story.

All that has got bunny ears, dog ears, pig ears, kangaroo ears and crocodile ears on!

Wait – do crocodiles have ears? Can you even see them?


Anyway, getting back on track from crocodile ears, what I’m trying to say is that there are a lot of exaggerated stories out there. There are a number of people who want to make the world of mediumship and spiritualism exclusive, special and a little bit scary. There are too many people who sugar coat far too much.

Spirit connection is amazing and fun. It’s simple and everyone can do it if they really, really want to. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way – everyone has their own way – both people in this world and spirit.  Listen to people’s stories, but remember, the best way to find something out is first hand.  Try it! Enjoy it. Pop on your bunny ears and hop right to it…


2 thoughts on “Bunny ears…

  1. I’ve been reading the books of a very famous female Irish author. She states that she has seen (as we see others) angels since she was a very young child in the crib. She says we each have a guardian angel, I’m not sure if this is the same as a spirit guide? Anyway she states that in order for loved ones to let their presence be known to us the guardian angel has to ‘ok’ it. I talk to loved ones but I’m wondering now if anything I say is ‘vetted’ and actually reaches them. I always believed that pets also had an after life but she states they don’t have souls do they don’t. No bunny ears There. I must admit that threw me as I’ve a few furry friends who have passed over, even bunnies. Can you clarify as the statements she has made in her books have conflicted with my beliefs. Have a lovely Easter and keep
    Doing what you’re doing 🐇🐇🐇


    1. In my opinion… as a living being, animals absolutely have souls and have, on occasions, connected. We all also have helpers – guides, angels, guardians, gatekeepers, teachers – (we choose to give them a label) – we are looked after by more than one. When you begin your journey of spirit connection, the two way communication is helped. I hope this helps. These are my beliefs. Everyone is entitled to theirs – and if you choose one, you can always change your mind. Enjoy your Easter and day, week, month, year and life xx

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