3 steps to heaven (well, 13 actually…)


As a medium, I’m often asked lots of questions and I’ve covered many of these in other blogs.  One question I haven’t yet covered is ‘where do I start?’

There are many people who are amazed by mediums and what they can do.  It’s my belief that the ability to connect with spirit is inside us all.  We can all learn to connect – if we absolutely and truly want to.  To what extent you are able to, depends on you and on spirit.

Imagine a sheet of paper folded up many times inside you – each unfoldment brings you closer to a connection and partnership with the spirit world.

Some of our spirit friends (with a little help from me) have shared their 13-point plan….

  1. Believe you can
  2. Breathe
  3. Quietness
  4. Learn
  5. Listen
  6. Observe
  7. Practice peace
  8. Seek similarity
  9. Be patient
  10. Enjoy
  11. Find differences
  12. Allow
  13. Practice

I will explain a little in the hope that it inspires you to take your first step into the wonderful journey of spirit connection.

  1. Believe you can – it might seem awe inspiring and wonderful and amazing and you might wonder how on earth you could possibly connect with souls who have passed – but believe me – it’s easier than you think.  In fact, it’s SO easy, the first time you connect, you’ll question if you actually did.
  2. Breathe – basic, I know but (as per no. 1 above) it’s as simple as breathing. Controlled and deep breathing also allows you to relax more.  Plus – if you don’t breathe, come and say hi to me when you’re in spirit form…
  3. Quietness – from yourself and from those around you. This gives you space to concentrate without thinking – ooh, what’s that noise or what am I missing over there? (Which then leads on to – oh, did I leave the iron on and what shall I have for tea tonight?, instead of – hello spirit friend – pleased to meet you).
  4. Learn – I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that your first port of call should always be a local spiritualist church or centre – ask if they run or can recommend a good circle for you.  Try lots of different ones and you’ll know which one feels right for you. (Don’t forget to have a go on the raffle!)
  5. Listen – to teachers, to people, to spirit and to yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to take it ALL in!  Keep the stuff you like and get rid of the stuff you don’t.  Your spiritual journey is exactly that – YOURS.
  6. Observe – go to see different mediums working at different kinds of events.  See what kind of things they do to connect – how they deliver messages – how they interact with people.  See as many different ones as you can – watch and learn.
  7. Practice peace – not just for connection but for yourself.  If you’re calm and peaceful and focused, you’re more likely to work better with the spirit world than if you’re stressed and chaotic and running around like a blue a*sed fly…..


Bear with me – I just need to go google to see if flies have blue rears…


…apparently some, but not all….ok, I’m ready to go again…. (What on earth did we do before Google!?)


  1. Seek similarity – seek friends and teachers who think along your lines – who resonate with you.  If you’re going to a circle or group where the teacher thinks Shamanism is the only way and you don’t – why are you going?  Find a place where you fit and go there.
  2. Be patient – nothing happens overnight (well – it will do but you won’t be up on stage the next day delivering messages to audiences).  You have to allow this journey to happen at it’s own pace.  Some people take many many years, some just a few.   Each person is an individual (as are spirit) and so don’t set unrealistic expectations on your learning – just how long IS a piece of string?…
  3. Enjoy – whilst lots of people call it ‘working with spirit’ I don’t like to use that phrase – ‘working’ – I mean, who does enjoy ‘working’? Certainly not me and it’s certainly not ‘work’.  Have fun learning.  Enjoy it.  Laugh.  Giggle.  Don’t take everything so seriously.  You’ll find your learning journey a much nicer one to take.
  4. Find differences – whilst you’re seeking similarity (no. 8), you should also find differences.  It’s from those differences we learn.  It doesn’t mean you have to stick around them.  Be like a spiritual ninja – sneak in, find different stuff, learn from it, then sneak out again. (Please don’t karate chop anyone though)
  5. Allow – one of the biggest blockers from connecting with the spirit world is fear. Fear of the unknown.  If you’re allowing spirit to connect with you, you will need to remove the wall of fear.  Do it slowly – brick by brick.  If done right, through a good circle with supportive teachers, it’s not scary.  If it is scary – it’s not being done right – go back to number 4.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect £200.
  6. Practice – it makes perfect right?  Not in this case – we’re always learning from the spirit world. I’ve yet to meet a single medium who has a 100% hit rate with the information in their messages.  Nobody’s perfect but everybody can practice.  Do it lots but in a structured environment.


I hope this has helped you to take your first step into loveliness…

Happy playing. Do let me know how your journey is going – and from this side of the spirit world (see number 2).


4 thoughts on “3 steps to heaven (well, 13 actually…)

  1. Whilst reading a book about Near Death Experiences and remberjng the hours in hospital before my husband passed over& the unanswered questions that never go away but remain locked away in the brains filing cabinet, prompted to be openeded when triggered. Your email arrived in my inbox, the content is about how to contact spirit. I don’t believe in coincidence and I have taken this as a sign that his spirit/energy/soul/vibration, whatever we call it is eternal. The physical body dies but the source that is within us continues and is ever present in our lives. We are all one . Thank you for your post, it has allowed me to lock the filing cabinet for good x

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