The price is right

As a medium, I often hear the question ‘Why do mediums charge for readings? Shouldn’t it be free?’

A difficult question to answer with many different opinions out there, so, as I can (and should) only answer for me, here’s mine…

Should mediums charge?   Yes. And no.

Yes – because it costs a lot of money for a medium to become adept at giving readings. They will (usually) have paid for many, many development circles, workshops and training sessions. They will have paid for many overnight stays and lots of travel. They will have paid out lots for products to help them on their way (books, crystals, tarot cards, meditation tools). It costs the medium their travel expenses to get to the venue. It costs their time and effort to deliver the messages. They will have insurance and administration fees to pay for. For some mediums, it’s their job. They need to make enough money to live.

No – (not as much as they do) – because for some it’s just a moneymaking purpose – they’re not in it to help others, just themselves and whilst they have some fees to re-coup, they charge ridiculous amounts of money where they don’t need to and greed simply goes too far.


I sadly see too many people who become good at clairvoyant readings, start charging far too much for them and then look for more and more things they can charge money for.

They learn reiki, shamanics, healing, herbalism, tarot, palmistry, crystal readings, power sessions, regression, reflexology, runes, sound healing, yoga, they write a book, sell pendulums, make powerful healing bread, offer sparkly voodoo services, conduct mystical candle prayers, sell magical door handles, teach enchanted fire burning; I could go on and on and on.

They become Jack-of-all-trades, master of none, all simply to gain more money.

These ‘trades’ then become a list next to their name with a price list next to that. To me, that’s like taking a gift you’ve developed to silly extremes all in the name of greed – to gather more and more cash. They use every spare moment to promote what they do, spamming social media and offering you a business card at every meeting, reminding you that they sell powerful healing bread and that it’s now available through 46 different selling sites. Every conversation you have with them involves them reminding you that they’ve selling a service or product, have proven to be amazing at shamanic journeying or can ‘cure’ you with their magic. They become a marketing machine, rather than a person. With every sentence they see pound signs (or dollar signs or euro signs, etc etc)


So – should a medium charge?


Yes – in the same way you pay for any other service – gardening, window cleaning or tree surgeons. You pay for expertise, equipment and for results.


No – not as much as they do – in the same way that you wouldn’t pay £34458 for a bag of sweets.


How much you would be willing to pay depends on you, the medium and, of course, spirit. These services are a three-way energy connection. You will be guided towards receiving a message or a service and, as I’ve said in previous blogs, always go with what feels right. Your instinct is there for a reason.


In other news, I only spent £453.99 on a magical door handle this morning. I think I got a bargain! The spirit world told me not to, but it was on offer.  I’ve been in and out my front door 398 times so far and nothing has happened yet, but I live in hope.  Positive thinking and all that…


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