One of your things

As a medium, I often hear ‘I need to come to one of your things’.


Firstly – I’m not sure that you know what ‘one of my things’ is.

Secondly – I’m not sure that I know what ‘one of my things’ is either!


So… the questions I would always follow with are….


  • What is it that you’re looking for?
  • Are your curious and want to see what I do or how it works?
  • Are you looking for a specific message from a specific loved one?  (in my many years, it has never worked like that – we receive the messages we NEED rather than the messages we WANT)
  • Do you need some kind of divine guidance or help?
  • Are you looking to learn for yourself how it all works?

I then ask….

  • Do you need this privately, on a one to one basis?
  • Would you want this on a one to one basis but in a room with others doing the same?
  • Do you want to sit in an audience and see what comes your way?
  • Do you want it to be direct from spirit?
  • Do you want your tarot cards/palm read?
  • Do you want me to do it or would you prefer someone else doing it?


This then is usually followed by a confused look and a… ‘I’m not really sure’…


I always say that if spirit have a message to give to you, they will get it through, somehow or another. I find they’re usually very determined like that! If you’re not really sure, it probably means you’re curious and that’s great! I love that! Come along to whichever event takes your fancy. Be aware though, that events are very different.


Let’s start with spiritual churches – there are divine services, trance services, weekday services, demonstrations, psychic suppers, development circles, tea with spirit, workshops, healing events, specials and one to ones. In centres there will be the same plus many other types of events – aura photographs, palmistry, tea leaf reading, tarot readings, demonstrations, mini readings, reiki, aura readings, evening of messages, altered states & various holistic therapies. In private homes, there’ll be one to one readings, therapies, house clearances and much, much more…


So – you want to come to ‘one of my things’? I’d love to see you there, I truly would. I love to share the wonderful world of spirit and all its loveliness that I enjoy. I’m delighted that people are curious and want to know more. I don’t, however, want to scare you on your first visit!!! I don’t want you coming along to ‘one of my things’ thinking you’re going to sit and sing Abba songs in church, watch a medium give messages to other people and win a lavender pomander on the raffle but suddenly find yourself sat in a circle meditating for the first time.  Or having your hand wired up sat in front of a camera having your aura photographed and read (say cheese!!).  Or sitting in the absolute pitch black experiencing physical mediumship.


If you want to come to ‘one of my things’ – then come, but firstly decide what ‘thing’ you want to come to – what you want to see or do – and (most importantly) if there will be tea and biscuits there.


If you’re truly curious, the more ‘things’ you come along to, the more ‘things’ you’ll see and you can decide for yourself which ‘thing’ suits you best – which ‘thing’ you prefer.


Spiritual life is filled with many ‘things’ and that’s the joy of spiritualism. It’s made up of many ‘things’ with many different types of people enjoying what they want to, rather than what they’re told to.


Why not come along to ‘one of my things’ and find out for yourself! If you do – I just have a few questions first…..


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